Coconut Yoghurt

August 1, 2019

Coconut yoghurt! So delicious but also expensive- especially when you can make your own at home for a fraction of the price! 



All that you need is a tin of coconut cream- I use a high fat one because I love a thick yoghurt- and some probiotic capsules. My capsules have 40 billion probiotics per capsule and this works well with one tin of coconut cream. 


1. Firstly- empty your coconut cream into a plastic/ glass bowl and give it a wee stir. 


2. Open your probiotic capsules and pour this into the coconut cream. 


3. Stir with a wooden or plastic spoon- metal can kill all of the good bacteria that the probiotics give us. 


4. Pour into a jar, cover with breathable cloth and leave in a warm place for 12-72 hours (out of direct sunlight). The time it takes for the yoghurt to ferment is up to your flavour preference. The longer that you leave it- the more tangy it will become. I personally find 24 hours perfect if I leave it on the bench (we have a pretty warm house which might help!). 


5. Give it a stir then put into the fridge to thicken and cool. 


6. Enjoy with fruit, granola, or on its own! 






- Remember! This is delicious but also- it is made of coconut cream so alot higher in calories than other yoghurt. Use sparingly e.g. 1 decent dollop on your muesli. The flavour is so rich that a small amount goes a long way! 


- You can make this using the full tin of coconut cream (coconut water included) - the yoghurt will just won't be quite as thick. 


- If the mixture starts to go moldy - it hasn't worked- start again! It might have been left for too long or in direct sunlight.


- If your mixture still tastes like coconut cream 24+ hours later- maybe the bacteria in your probiotics has died? Grab some more and start again! You can always salvage the coconut cream and use it in a thai curry- yum!







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