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Snickers Bites

January 10, 2019


These little chocolate treats are AMAZING. They are so easy to make and are ready to eat in almost no time! The dates provide a caramel flavour which, when mixed with the peanut butter and chocolate- transports you to a whole-foods snickers-tasting word! We hope you enjoy these just as much as we did. 


All you need to do is cut a bunch of whole dates in half and fill with as much peanut butter as you like. Once you have done this, combine 2- 3 Tbsp coconut oil in a pot with 2 Tbsp cocoa and 2-3 Tbsp pure maple syrup. Let this melt on a low heat- mixing the whole time. Let cool slightly then dip dates into the melted chocolate and lay onto a baking paper lined tray. Pop into the freezer and leave to cool. 


I personally enjoy mine straight from the freezer but you can also leave them in the fridge for a slightly softer version. 




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