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Initial consultation

Your initial consultation includes a full assessment on you, your lifestyle, your past experiences, and of course your nutrition concerns. We talk through your needs and expectations, then work with you to set put some goals and strategies in place based on these. 

We focus on sustainable, long-term changes to the diet and after years of experience, know that this is the most effective method. 

You will leave the session with new knowledge in your nutrition needs and a strategic plan and goals. 

For more information on our areas of expertise, please read the "Nutrition Consultation" information. 

Follow Up Sessions

Your initial consultation session is where we get to know your needs and expectations, and set a starting point with you. The follow up sessions are where we reflect on what is/ isn't working for you, and refine your plan and actions. 

Current package deals:

Full Nutrition Package 


This package includes 1x initial consultation and 3x follow up sessions. It is designed to offer ongoing support for the first few months of you beginning your journey. 

Flex Fitness Members Deal

This package is exclusive to members of Flex Fitness Palmerston North. It includes 1x initial consultation and 3x follow up sessions.