Initial Nutrition Consultation

In-Person at our home office in Palmerston North or virtual over Skype

  • 1 hour
  • 139 New Zealand dollars
  • 3 Gibraltar Way, Palmerston North. Or online

Service Description

Book for a thorough nutrition assessment with a highly qualified Dietitian & Nutritionist. Your initial nutrition consultation includes: - Custom meal plan with portion size guides - Personalised nutrition plan backed by the latest nutrition science to help you achieve your goals. - An action plan with realistic, achievable & sustainable steps to achieving your nutrition goal - Knowledge around macronutrients- carbohydrates, protein, and fats and the different digestion of these - Advice around dietary changes to ensure nutritional adequacy- we make sure that you are eating enough calcium, iron, zinc, etc. - Food Diary template - Advice on effective tools to use throughout your weight loss journey - Written resources for your future reference In your initial session- we learn more about your lifestyle, goals, and your journey to get you to where you are today. Your plan is 100% specific to you- not some generic handout. If your goal is weight loss- we recommend booking at least 3 follow up sessions - or for a discount- select our "weight loss package" offer.

Contact Details

+ 027 327 5249

3 Gibraltar Way, Turitea, New Zealand

Alexandra Cameron- Dietitian & Weight Loss Expert- Palmerston North & NZ wide.                                             Email: