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Nutrition consultations

Weight Concerns

There are many factors impacting on our body weight. Our dietitians focus on every aspect of health when working with clients towards weight related goals. 

We focus on educating you to build up a weight management strategy that you will use for the rest of your life. 

No more yo-yo diets. Book a consult with us to get started on your journey. 

Diet Check-in

Have you been told that you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency? Have you recently reduced your meat consumption or started a vegan/ vegetarian diet? 

Food is thy medicine, and if you're not feeling 100% then there is a good chance that the things you are putting into your body need tweaking. 

If you are after a diet check-in to get some feedback from a dietitian around boosting your nutrient intake- then this is for you. 

Gut Health

The gut is a complex thing and can cause alot of anxiety and stress in your life when it just isn't feeling right!

Our team will work with you to explore how your diet might be impacting on your gut health. 

We take a holistic approach and explore all factors that might be causing your symptoms- whether it be irritable bowel syndrome, constipation or diarrhea, bloating, or frequent discomfort.

Mood Foods

Health Concerns

Legit Information

As we know- food has a major impact on how we feel. Our stress levels, adrenaline, anxiety, and energy are just some of the things that a diet can affect. 

Our dietitians will help empower you to make diet choices suited to your need, and educate you on strategies to support a healthy brain and positive mood. 

Our team have years of experience in working with clients to create positive health outcomes. 

If you are at a high risk of a disease based on family history, or have been diagnosed with a condition such as pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, or elevated blood pressure, then get in touch.

Where are the consultations held?

Are you just feeling overwhelmed with the amount of nutrition information out there? Are you keen to make some changes to your diet but just don't know where to begin?


We can help! 


Our team are all NZ Registered Dietitians trained in using research and solid evidence to support every piece of nutrition advice that we give.

I have a home- office based in Palmerston North which I can see you at if you prefer an in-person appointment.

If you aren't in Palmerston North then let me know- we offer Skype/ Zoom appointments, or over- the phone appointments if needed.

What happens during a consultation?

I take a personalised approach to everything that I do- regardless of what you are seeking advice on. This means that I structure the session to suit you and your needs, goals, and beliefs- you will never leave a session with a plan that you aren't happy with! 


Our approach means that we take every aspect of your life into account when we plan an intervention, and our Masters of Dietetics qualifications mean that you are always receiving educated advice.


Your initial consultation includes a full assessment on you, your lifestyle, your past experiences, and of course your nutrition concerns. We talk through your needs and expectations, then work with you to set put some goals and strategies based on these. 

I focus on sustainable, long-term changes to the diet and after years of experience, know that this is the most effective method. 

You will leave the session with new knowledge in your nutrition needs and a strategic plan and goals. 


Will you give me a meal plan?

Yes - if this is something that you. Sometimes I don't see this as necessary depending on your nutrition needs, and often the best interventions are crafted around strategies and actions.

We will however always provide you nutritious & delicious meal ideas, and advice around meal timing, frequency, and snacking- when relevant. We can also provide you with the tools needed to create your own meal plan, should this be needed in assisting you to reach your ultimate nutrition related goal. 

How many sessions will I need?

The amount of sessions that you need can differ depending on your nutrition goals and focus. Usually we see the best results by following up with our clients for a period of 3-6 months. This helps to ensure that I provide my clients with enough tools and information for ongoing success.

Your initial consultation session is where I get to know your needs and expectations, and set a starting point with you. The follow up sessions are where we reflect on what is/ isn't working for you, and refine your plan and actions. 

I offer a range of consultation packages tailored to suit different needs and requirements. 

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