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Meet Alex & Megan

Work with Alex:

Alexandra Cameron (nee Tully)

NZRD, MDiet, BSc


Phone: 027 327 5249

Specialist areas:

  • Women's weight loss 

  • Female hormones

  • Diet for stress, energy, and mood

After years of working one on one with clients, I have alot of knowledge in nutrition and am particularly passionate about weight loss for women. Despite learning at university that weight loss = calories in vs calories out- my experience and further research has proven that this is not always the case.

I work with clients to develop specific nutrition interventions relevant to their preferences, lifestyle, and goals. I focus on all aspects of health when working with clients; stress and sex hormones, sleep, energy, lifestyle, gut microbiome, and work with them to help them understand food and nutrition.

Book a session with me and we can discuss working together towards your nutrition and lifestyle goals. 

Have you ever thought...

“I want to enjoy weekends away with my family without worrying that one bite of ‘bad’ food will make me spiral out of control.”

"I want to figure out what I need to do to lose weight, without obsessing over it every day and yo-yo dieting"

"I want to stop thinking abut food and diets all the time"

"I'm sick of unsustainable meal plans that don't fit with the meals my family are eating"

“I want to improve my energy levels and mood at the same time as losing weight- not sacrifice these things"

“I want to trust myself when I’m home alone with food, instead of always fearing that I will lose control.”

I work 1:1 with women who are ready to take a whole body, sustainable approach to weight loss.

What we work on...

  • Food. I provide nutrition information on macronutrients, calories, and how these fit with your diet for weight loss. I teach you how to eat for energy, fullness, and weight loss. 

  • Mindset. Our minds are SO powerful, and I cannot emphasize that enough. What we think and believe affects our emotions (the way we feel about food) which then affects our behavior (what we do around food). What we think and believe is a choice, and that is something that can be disciplined. 

  • Energy levels and stress. These things play a big role in your ability to lose weight. They also affect how we feel, our food choices, and our hormones. 

  • Hormones. Stress hormones, hunger hormones, and sex hormones. If we only focus on food and exercise when it comes to weight loss- we are setting ourselves up for failure. 

  • Gut microbiome. The bacteria living in our gut are influenced by may different factors, and also impact on many different factors. Ensuring this is optimal means we can feel better, lose weight easier, and make better food choices. 

How it works...

Step 1: 

Book your preferred time and day to meet with me. I see people in person in Palmerston North, or virtually anywhere across NZ.

Step 2: 

Work together for ~2-3 months with frequent contact and plenty of resources and information. We can design session packages as we go to suit your needs.

Step 3:

Live without stressing about diets, meal plans and losing weight ever again! 

"Alex has been a pleasure to work with. She listens, is understanding and finds great ideas to implement."

- Brendon

"All advice given was personalised for me. It didn’t feel at all like a generic template. Alex is kind she listens and provides what will help you"

- Lyn

"Alex gave me more feedback and information about my blood tests than anybody else ever has. I loved that she said I can eat peanut butter on toast every day- usually I cut this out when I am trying to lose weight but so far I have already lost 4kgs.

- Jess

Book with Alex:

Frequently asked questions...

Why can't I just see you in a 1-off for weight loss?

I have seen people in one-off sessions in the past for weight loss, and this is never enough time for the client to obtain all the information that they need to make solid changes to their diet. I only offer 3x sessions in my weight loss because I want my clients to get results, and because I have seen clients 1:1 for many years and I know that this works. 

Do you take insurance?

Yes I take insurance. Some NZ insurance companies cover sessions with a NZ registered dietitian. You must pay for the sessions in full, then I can provide a receipt for you to claim the cost back through your insurance provider.

Where are the sessions held?

I can see you in my Palmerston North based home office or anywhere in NZ virtually. 

I don't fit the outline of a woman wanting to improve energy levels or lose weight- can I still work with you?

We can work with people wanting support for other reasons- get in touch.

What if I need more help after the 3 sessions?

In your final session we will assess where you are and where you would like to be. We can then make a plan to continue working together moving forward if needed.

Will you give me a meal plan? 

If I give you a meal plan and you follow it- you probably will lose weight! BUT- this is just providing you with another short term diet that doesn't allow for flexible meals when eating out, celebrating, or if away on holiday. When I work with you- I don't give you a list of good and bad foods. I teach you HOW to eat for weight loss. Why? Because once you know how to choose food and nutrients that nourish your body, balance your hormones, and boost your energy levels- you can lose weight for life without ever needing to follow a meal plan again! 

How does payment work?

All payments must be received 24 hrs before the beginning of the service. Late payments will result in your service being postponed or cancelled. I do not accept cash or eftpos.

I ask that you provide me with 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Otherwise we may charge a cancellation fee. 

I understand that sometimes you might get unexpectedly busy or be running late- so we appreciate a text or phone call to let us know of this. If you are late to an appointment we may not be able to complete the full session.

Work with Megan:

Megan Fang

NZRD, MDiet, BSc


Specialist areas:

  • Fussy eaters and allergies

  • Gut issues

  • Weight loss for women & men

  • Long term health conditions; diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular issues etc.

As a wife and mum of two, I know the importance of looking after yourself first before you’re able to look after your family; I also know how hard this can be to achieve with the busy schedules we lead today!

Navigating through nutrition in today’s world can be tricky and downright confusing. My goal is to use a more personalised approach with each client, so they can walk away with a plan and goals tailored to them.

I completed my Masters of Dietetics in 2014 and have been working in the nutrition field since then. I am passionate about nutrition and its role in our overall well being, so am looking forward to sharing this knowledge with you all.

Book with Megan:

  • A discounted option for those needing more than just a 1-off session.

    1 hr

    299 New Zealand dollars
  • In-Person at our home office in Palmerston North or virtual over Skype

    1 hr

    159 New Zealand dollars