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Workplace Group Discounts

I have received great feedback from women who have completed my women's wellness and weight loss program alongside their friends. Setting goals and making diet and lifestyle change is made alot easier when we have the support of those around us- so I am offering discounted rates for my women's wellness program when people book from the same workplace. 

2x people= Save $20 per person

3x people= Save $30 per person

4+ people = Save $40 per person 

This offer is only valid until the 23rd April 2021 and only while space in the program is available! The program is not run in a group setting but seminars are sent to you weekly- allowing you to watch them with friends in your own time. Each person will still receive 1:1 sessions with Alex and personalised weekly support. 

If you are keen to spread the word with your workmates then complete the form below to download the pdf flyer and flick this out to them. To receive the discount- let me know the names of the people in your group and I will send you out a coupon valid only for your group. 

You can email me at for more details or to grab your group coupon code!

NB: Please note that this cannot be used alongside any additional discounts/ coupons/ offers. This offer is only valid until the 23rd April 2021 and cannot be transferred to an alternate program. There is limited space in the program- I can only accept 16 bookings per month. You won't need one anyway- but know that refunds are not available.

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"4x Vegetarian meals <450 calories"

I am a huge advocate for meal planning in advance. Get your menu for the week sorted and head to the supermarket only once. This saves you loads of time, money, and energy from having to think about dinner every day! Use this e-book to include a new vegetarian meal in your weekly menu each week for the next 4 weeks. 

I am excited to say that from March 2021 onwards I am giving every women who books my "Women's Weight Loss & Wellness Package" a complete 6-week dinner guide. 


When you try these recipes- send me your photos! Tag me on instagram or Facebook @dietitian_alex or email I would love to hear from you.

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"Quit the diet- binge cycle"

from my

"Women's Weight Loss & Wellness" package

Emotional eating is really hard to overcome! We have been told to "go for a walk" or "have a drink of water" when we experience sweet cravings or head into the kitchen to stare aimlessly into the fridge at night. But this doesn't help us if we never address why we are eating in the first place.


Use this tool to help you to identify strategies to overcome emotional and binge eating.


Once you have tried it- let me know how you found it! Give me an email on I would love to hear from you.

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