Helping women to boost energy levels, balance hormones, and achieve long term sustainable weight loss. 

 I'm Alex, your NZ registered dietitian available all across NZ. I am passionate about supporting women to improve their energy levels and lose weight sustainably. I have an abundance of knowledge to give you to end the yo-yo diet cycle and give you freedom from diets and restriction. I also work alongside Megan who has a range of nutrition knowledge in many areas.  

What brings you here?

Healthy Eating

Our cooking classes are all vegetarian and use whole, unprocessed ingredients. We teach you how to create delicious food from scratch. Every class will show you 1-2 starter, 3 main dishes, and a sweet treats. 

Healthy Salad

Our program educates women on the complex journey of weight loss. In a virtual series of seminars and 1:1 sessions, we help women to learn how to lose weight sustainably. 


We work with people 1:1 all over New Zealand. Our dietitians have expertise in women's health, gut issues, health conditions, fussy eating, and allergies.

Try some of our recipes:

Join Alex...

Women's Weight Loss & Wellness Program

This course is for you IF you...

  • Want to learn how to lose weight sustainably and give up short-term quick fix diets

  • Are ready to understand your body and know what influences hunger, fullness, and cravings

  • Want to enjoy your favourite foods without fearing that you will binge or lose control 

  • Are tired of dieting and depriving yourself of food that you love at social events 

  • Are interested in knowing more about nutrition and weight loss, balance your hormones, improve your sleep and energy, and boost your gut health. 

Here for something else? Contact us and we will be in touch to determine how we can help you.

Avocado Toast

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