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Work with us:

We specialise in helping women to feel great in their bodies. If you are tired of yo-yo dieting and are ready to get effective & evidence-backed nutrition education from highly qualified Dietitians & Nutritionists- then you've come to the right place.  


We are a team of experienced dietitians with many years of experience working with clients to reach their weight loss goals.

We have experience working with clients on a wide range of areas including; muscle retention and body fat loss, weight loss for fertility, emotional eating, weight loss coupled with thyroid issues & PCOS, and safe weight loss with diabetes.


What to expect:

Expect a thorough and comprehensive nutrition assessment with a highly qualified and experienced Dietitian.

A unique program will be developed for you, taking into account your goals, lifestyle, health conditions, and dietary preferences. All of our dietary interventions are sustainable and designed to provide you with tools that you can use long-term.

We provide face to face appointments in Palmerston North, but also offer Skype consultations anywhere in the world! Most health insurance policies will cover you for seeing a Dietitian.

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Our story:

Eat Up is a team of experienced Dietitians each with 7+ years experience in the nutrition industry.


Eat Up has been providing people with expert nutrition advice through hands-on cooking classes for 3 years. 

Womens health and weight loss is a complex area and after years of working with women in our clinical roles, we decided to offer a weight loss focused service through Eat-Up.


So far we have helped our clients to:

  • Improve their fertility

  • Feel great in their bodies

  • Improve their sleep, energy levels, and mood

  • Move their blood glucose levels out of "prediabetic range" 

  • Build noticeably healthier hair, skin, and nails

  • Overcome barriers to weight loss for long term success  

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